About Me

Jeremy+profile+picHi there, welcome to The Techy Jeremy. My name is Jeremy, a 24 year old guy from UK. I love technology and my love for technology inspired to open my own blog. I recently got to know about blogging and blown away by seeing the amazing advantages of this great platform.

I am looking forward to share my knowledge with the like minded people like you who love technology like everything.

My journey from a techy guy to a blogger was interesting. Everything started one day when I was looking for something online and I couldn’t find that anywhere online. That was a worst feeling and that incident inspired me to run my own blog where I will share my own knowledge with people. Then I started learning all the things that require to run a website like HML, CSS, PHP, web designing and many more.

I am new to this field and my main motto is to share knowledge and that is the only reason that I chose to not run any ads on this website. However I may request you all to donate some money which may help me to pay my hosting bills.

Here you will learn about various things technology. News from all around the tech companies, some tweaks that helps in a big run, how to save money on tech, unique how to guides and many more.

I am new and this possible that I have made some mistake on this blog. Feel free to help me out with my blgging by sharing some tips. Contact me anytime for a quick chat 🙂

Keep Smiling and love tech