• How to Transfer Clash of Clans Village from iPhone


    clash-of-clansClash Of Clans is one of the most downloaded games both in App store and Google play store. This game is an addictive one where you need to build your own village and compete with other villages. This game deserves an award for its interactive graphics and sound. As it is one of the favorite games, the chances are people invested some time playing and creating new villages. You may also be one of those who has spent some real time to build new villages. Now if and iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad and now moving to an Android device then you might be worried about your villages right? But worry no more. In this article, I have a wonderful article where I will show you how you can move your Clash of Clans data from iOS device to and Android device.

    This article is going to be a blast and believe me you will be full of joy after seeing how easy it was.

    How to Move Clash of Clans Village from iOS to Android

    This method is easy as ABC. Just follow the below-mentioned path and you will be with your full data on your Android.

    • Install Clash of Clans on your Android from Google Pay Store
    • Now go to your iOS and open the Clash of Clans app.
    • Then head to the Setting of the app by clicking the top right corner setting icon.
    • Now in the setting menu, you can see an option called “Link a Device.” Select that.
    • Next, select “this the OLD device” and you want to add another device. This will generate a 12 digit code. Store that code in a safe place.
    • Head to your Android and open the clash of clans game.
    • In the top left corner, you can see a G+ Icon under “Already have the Village.
    • Tap on that G+ icon.
    • It will now ask you for the 12 digit. H0ere enter the 12-digit code you have stored earlier.

    BOOM! You have your Android phone with all of your Clash of Clans village and game data.

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  • Best System Information Checking tool to Check Computer Specifications

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    Check Computer Specs with ToolsWe all use computer band we all know some basic specs about our computer. Like the RAM, CPU, GPU, Sounds and some other basic stuff. But is that the only thing that is running the computer? No, right? There are dozens of hardware in our computer. Every hardware has a different purpose and different specs.

    If you are not a techy, then you might never think of those things. This is common but sometimes we face in such situation where we need to check all the specs may be to inform the support team to get support for any other purpose. Our computer does provide some common specs like the RAM, CPU and GPU information, OS, Sound and some other. But that are not enough.

    Today I will be talking about some free tools or software to check all the hardware specification for free.


    Speccy is a good free tool which is made to show you all the hardware information of your PC at one place. This tool is developed by Piriform. The chances are you already know the Piriform. Piriform is the developer who developed software like CCleaner and Recuva. Speccy shows all the information like OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Storage, Optical Drives and lot more.


    ASTRA32 is another tool which let you check all the specs of your computer. It features loads of information about your computer. In my opinion, it provides more information than the Speccy. But is is not that friendly as the Speccy. All you need to know is how you can operate this tool, and you will be surprised by its result.

    Kiwi System Info

    This is definitely not user-friendly, but it is loads with hell lot of data. This is probably the best tool in this category concerning what data it provides. This tool is not for those who is looking for a simple to use the tool. If you don’t fall into that category, then this could be a haven for you as you can get almost everything regarding your PC.

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  • How to Delete and Disable Autofill in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

    Deisbale and delete Autofill in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

    We all use browsers on our computer, and it helps us to get connected with the world. Every browser has some unique features that help me and you to get smooth with our online work. One of the most important features for the modern browser is its option to remember your details and help you when you are filling any online form. This called Autofill, and it helps users to remember their Email, Address, ZIP Code, State, Phone number, Credit card details and a lot more.

    Deisbale and delete Autofill in Google Chrome and Mozilla FirefoxThis is like a helping hand which saves your time by filling form automatically for you. But this helping hand also comes with some risk. The risks of leaking your sensible information with others. To explain it let take and example: imagine you are having all the details saved on your personal computer, and someone else now got access to your PC. Now he/she can check all your information quickly and can harm you. It is a good idea to delete or disable Autofill option on your browser if you are too practical about your personal information.

    In today’s age, Chrome and Mozilla are the browsers with most of the users. I’m sure you too have either, or both of them installed on your computer. So, today here at The Techy Jeremy I will show you how you can delete and disable Autofill feature on both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

    First, we will see how to do with Google Chrome then we will come to the Mozilla Firefox.

    How to Disable and Delete Autofill in Google Chrome Browser

    • First of all, open Google Crome and click on the main menu (that three horizontal lines at the top right side of the browser) and the click on “Settings”.
    • Scroll down and click on the “Show Advance Setting.” Now scroll down and again until you find and option called “Passwords and Forms.”
    • Now uncheck the Enable Autofill option under the Passwords and Forms heading. This will disable the Autofill option in your Google Chrome browser.
    • If you want to delete the autofill data, then click on “Manage Autofilling Settings.”

    Disable Autofill in Google Chrome

    • Here you can see all the data saved in your Autofill setting. If you want to remove then click on the small “X” button beside every data and all your data will be deleted.

    How to Disable Autofill in Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla is the second most used browser after Google Chrome. Mozilla doesn’t support the option to delete Autofill, but it has the option to disable it. I will show you how you can do that.

    • Open Mozilla Fir5efox on your computer and navigate to Main Menu by clicking on the three horizontal line at the top right corner.
    • Now click on “Options” then “Privacy”.
    • Here under the History heading you can see a drop down menu. Select “Use Custom Setting for History” from the drop-down menu.
    • A new menu will appear. Here uncheck the option which says “Remember search and form history”.

    Disable Autofill in Mozilla Firefox

    • You are now disabled autofill in your Mozilla Firefox browser.

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  • My Android Browser Sucks! I need to replace

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    Best browser for AndroidI am an Android user, and I love to use it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am uncomfortable with iOS. Yes, that is true. I don’t find comfortable with iOS. If you are following my blog for a while, then you may know that I have an article where I have mentioned about how you can set the bedtime alarm on iOS 10. I do have an iPhone but I use that occasionally, and my Android device is my daily driver.

    I am a student and a blogger too. I mostly spend my time browsing the internet. As a student I barely get time to use my PC, so my phone is everything for me. While using the browser on Android, it sometimes gets stuck at some point and crashes. This is not only me but also thousands other are facing this problem. This is not about your phone this is the problem with the browser.

    It took me some time to figure out what browser I should use to avoid such problems. I have tested some so-called best browser to some newly launched apps. Only a few of them were able to deliver what I need. I am writing this article to list only those browsers which are installed on my phone, and I use them regularly.

    Opera Browser

    I have tested a bunch of browsers, but I must say no other browser can compete with Opera regarding speed. Its smart technology helps you to save your mobile data by optimizing the web page. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. No need to have any extra knowledge or anything like that. This browser meant to provide speed in low data, so, sometimes it doesn’t work well with Java sites.

    Dolphin Browser

    I love this name. I don’t know how they came up with this name, but I love this. It is not just about the name but the rich features and experience also. It is fast and secure with some handy features like gesture control, add-ons, interactive design, theme supports and lot other. The only problem with this app is its size. It is big in size, and downloading useless theme and wallpaper may lead to storage issue.

    Google Chrome Beta

    I am not talking about the Google Chrome Android browser. I am talking about its Beta version. Google Chrome has a beta app for Android device which is low in specs. Google knows Android better than anyone else in the universe. The main Chrome app is heavy and meant to give the best browsing, but that sucks when it comes to user experience and speed. At that point, the Chrome Beta apps come handy.

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  • Top 3 Ways to Entertain Yourself Online

    Entertain Yourself Online

    Entertain Yourself OnlineMost of us now spend our time online 24×7. We have the internet, and there is a lot of things to do online, but sometimes we feel bored and find nothing to entertain ourself. The Internet is huge, and there is some fun way to keep yourself entertain and help you to kill bore.

    It was a rainy day yesterday, and I had nothing to do. I couldn’t go outside to play with my friends. So, I had to spend my time on my PC. To kill my boring I started looking for some entertainment websites and found some best one.

    I will be sharing those sites with you where you can entertain yourself. Those sites are a perfect time killer, and I am sure you will end up wasting some of your valuable time. So, use them only when you want to kill your boringness.

    1. Play Online Games


    This is a very common thing you can do online to entertain yourself. No matter what is your age, a kid is inside you who always wants to play games. So, just don’t let die the child inside you instead start playing games. There are tons of websites available where you can play free online games. There is an excellent article on where they have listed 10 best free Online gaming websites. You should check out that article.

    2. Watch Movies


    Movies are a thing that everyone loves. No matter what you do, I am sure you too like to watch movies whenever you get time. Everyone think like to watch a film we need to download or purchase a movie which is a time-consuming task. But very few people knows that you can actually watch free movies online without downloading any movies or paying anything. There is an article on Tech Tricks Club where the author has mentioned a whopping 20+ free movie websites where you can watch free movies for free. You should definitely check that article.

    3. Chat With Bots


    Have you ever thought of chatting with a machine? Sounds crazy? Well yeah, it is crazy and funny too. There is some website where you can chat with their bot. These bots are so well coded that you will feel like you are talking with the real human. I bet you won’t get bored and can continue chatting for hours. is the most popular website for this purpose. There is also another website which also works almost similar to the Cleverbot, and that is You should check these websites.

    These are the sites I found yesterday, and I hope it will help you to get rid of boring and entertain yourself when you are online. I would like to request you to share this post with others and help me to grow.

  • How to Fix Start Menu Not Working on Windows 10

    Windows 10 Start Menu not working

    Windows 10 Start Menu not workingWindows 10 is one of the best Operating System by Microsoft which is released back in 2015. It has got a tremendous response from the users all around the world. I am also a user of Windows 10 and using it from the very first date of its public appearance. However, I feel like it has some bug and Microsoft is trying hard to patch all the bugs with their timely updates. I love to update my machine with the entire latest security patch. But I know some of my friends don’t like to update their PC because of Internet plan. I can understand their problem as I was in the same situation couple of years ago.

    If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to update their PC or occasionally does, then I have something for you. One of the major problems with Windows 10 is its unresponsive to your certain commands. For example, the Start menu doesn’t work even after you click on it several times. I had this issue, and it got solved in couples of updates. My friend had this issue as he doesn’t update he was not able to solve this. So, he called me and asked me for a solution. I started digging through the internet and found some cool ways to fix this issue. I tried one, and it worked.

    So, I am trying to mention that method to fix Start menu not working on Windows 10.

    Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Doesn’t Work/Response

    I will try my best to simplify the process to help you know what to do when you ever face such issue in near future.

    For this tutorial, we will use Command prompt to command the PC to work according to our own command. To solve the issue, we need to get the admin access of the Command to get our work done.
    Don’t worry; I am telling you how you can do this.

    Perform a right click on your start icon and you can see a bunch of options. There you can spot an option called “Command Prompt (Admin)”.

    Start Menu
    Start Menu

    Click on that option and it will open a command prompt for you. Remember if it asks for your permission then just grant it.

    Now copy the below command and paste that in the command prompt. (Note- Ctrl+V will not work at Command prompt. You have to paste by right clicking on the command screen)

    Get-AppXPackage –AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage – DisableDevelopmentMode –Register“$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml}

    Now allow PowerShell to perform the command. Wait until the performances complete. You may see some errors there but ignore them.

    Once it is done, you can restart your PC for the better result.

  • How to create Photo Collage Online for free



    Photo Collages are awesome! It gives your photos a special look and makes it easier to share some of your great moments in just a picture. With the popularity of photo collages, the online and offline tools are growing. There are many apps, software and even photo editor available for making stunning photo collages. Mostly people use Photoshop to make photo collages or some apps. There are very few which creates excellent collages, and Photoshop is complicated. We need some simple but effective photo collage maker.

    With the growing of internet, now we have some really good websites which offer free photo collages to make out of your pictures. Today we will look at an excellent website which will let you create a photo collage for free online.

    How to Create Photo Collages online for Free

    The website today we are going to talk about is

    This is one of the best websites for online photo editing and poster making. We will take the help of Canva to create a stunning photo collage within a minute.

    • So, here is how you can create a photo collage from your pictures very easily with
    • The very first thing you need is to create an account with and sign in to your account.
    • After creating and signing to your account, go to this link.
    • This link will land you directly to the Photo Collage Editor page. Here you can see some awesome pre-made templates.
    • Canva has an excellent database of stunning photo collage templates. I am sure you will love them. Just select a template and start editing pictures.


    • Remove those images and add your own. You can even now apply text, colors, and filters to make your photo collage stunning and different from others.
    • Once you are done with your editing, you need to download that images to your computer or smartphone. You can even share your photo collage directly to the social media from there.
    • To download the image, you need to click on the download button which is situated left to your Canva profile.


    Select your picture quality and wait for a couple of seconds. Your file will be now downloaded for free.

    Check my previous article

    Now you know how to create a beautiful photo collage for free online withing a minute. You can thank me later 😉

  • How to enable Bedtime Wake up Alarm on iOS 10

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    WWDC 2016 has brought some new features for all the Apple fan out there. We discussed the Picture-in-picture for macOS Sierra. But that was not the only new thing launched in WWDC 2016. Like the macOS, there was one more attraction, and that was the new iOS. iOS 10 was announced on that event, and then the OS was made public as a beta version to the all who don’t want to wait for official launch.

    I am a diehard iOS fan and like many other people, I also couldn’t stop myself from trying the new iOS version. Now I am using the iOS 10 Beta version and exploring all the new feature that the Apple has to offer us. I love most of its new feature, but there is one feature that impressed me a lot and motivated me to write down a whole article to share how to enable and use that feature.

    The name of that feature is Bedtime Wake Up alarm. In case you don’t know about the Bedtime Alarm, let me tell you that the Bedtime Wake Up Alarm is a feature that alerts you to take sleep and wake up at the perfect time with some exciting music. Those music are feel good music, and you will feel good by listening to that music.

    How to enable Bedtime Wake Up Alarm iOS 10?

    • Open up the alarm app on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Now tap on the Bedtime tab and tap “Get Started” on the next screen.
    • Here you have to select the time when you want to wake up in the morning and tap on the Next.
    • Now, if you want not to use that alarm on a particular day, then you can uncheck that in the next screen. For example, if you want not to play the alarm on Sunday then you can do so by unselecting the Sunday.


    • Again tap on the next from the right-hand corner. A new screen will appear. Here you have to select how many hours you want to sleep. For example 6 hour or 7 hours.
    • Tap on the Next again. On this screen, you have to select when you want the app to remind time. Like 30 minutes before the bedtime or something like that. Now tap on the Next again.
    • Here, select what kind of music you want to hear when you wake up. It has nine options there. Early Riser, First Light, and Helios are the name of few.
    • Tap on the Next and then Tap on save.

    Your Bedtime Wake Up alarm has been set now. Now leave everything on your phone. It will remind you to go sleep and wake up at the perfect time in order to keep you healthy and fit.


  • How to Enable and Disable Picture-in-Picture in macOS Sierra

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    In the WWDC the Apple has announced some serious announcements related to their macOS. Also, they have introduced a new OS i.e. macOS Sierra. Currently, the beta version is up there for users and most of the people who are using this new OS are loving it. It has some interesting features, and one of my absolute favorites is its Picture-in-Picture feature.

    This feature allows the user to play any video from the web while using other apps. It means now you can watch an online video while writing a letter or preparing a presentation chart. You will start loving this feature once you start using it. Enabling Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is not a big task. You can do that by just performing 1-2 mouse clicks.

    The PiP is a fantastic feature, and anyone with macOS Sierra can use that feature. If you have macOS Sierra installed on your Mac and wants to use this great feature then, you should follow this guide.

    Enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) on macOS Sierra

    • To active PiP, you need to have a MacBook with macOS Sierra installed in it.
    • You need to have access to some website/network like Vimeo, who has PiP features. If a site doesn’t have the PiP, then you can not use that.

    Once you make sure you have all the stuff mentioned above, then it is the time to give a try to PiP feature.

    • Open Safari browser and head to a website which supports PiP. Here I am using Vimeo for the demo.
    • Now play any of your favorite video there.
    • Now in the video control bar, you can see an additional button for PiP. Just click on it.
    • As soon as you click on the PiP, a small window will show in the corner of your screen with a video playing on it.
    • Now you have accessed the PiP feature; you can now do anything on your Macbook and that video will be there playing for you.
    • In case you want to close that PiP, just click again on that PiP button and the screen will be removed.

    Now you know how to enable and disable Picture-in-Picture on macOS Sierra. Now you can mess around the feature to get the max out of it. Please remember that the PiP is only supported those site which supports PiP. Some big player like Facebook and YouTube doesn’t support PiP but Vimeo does.

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