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  • How to enable Bedtime Wake up Alarm on iOS 10

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    WWDC 2016 has brought some new features for all the Apple fan out there. We discussed the Picture-in-picture for macOS Sierra. But that was not the only new thing launched in WWDC 2016. Like the macOS, there was one more attraction, and that was the new iOS. iOS 10 was announced on that event, and then the OS was made public as a beta version to the all who don’t want to wait for official launch.

    I am a diehard iOS fan and like many other people, I also couldn’t stop myself from trying the new iOS version. Now I am using the iOS 10 Beta version and exploring all the new feature that the Apple has to offer us. I love most of its new feature, but there is one feature that impressed me a lot and motivated me to write down a whole article to share how to enable and use that feature.

    The name of that feature is Bedtime Wake Up alarm. In case you don’t know about the Bedtime Alarm, let me tell you that the Bedtime Wake Up Alarm is a feature that alerts you to take sleep and wake up at the perfect time with some exciting music. Those music are feel good music, and you will feel good by listening to that music.

    How to enable Bedtime Wake Up Alarm iOS 10?

    • Open up the alarm app on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Now tap on the Bedtime tab and tap “Get Started” on the next screen.
    • Here you have to select the time when you want to wake up in the morning and tap on the Next.
    • Now, if you want not to use that alarm on a particular day, then you can uncheck that in the next screen. For example, if you want not to play the alarm on Sunday then you can do so by unselecting the Sunday.


    • Again tap on the next from the right-hand corner. A new screen will appear. Here you have to select how many hours you want to sleep. For example 6 hour or 7 hours.
    • Tap on the Next again. On this screen, you have to select when you want the app to remind time. Like 30 minutes before the bedtime or something like that. Now tap on the Next again.
    • Here, select what kind of music you want to hear when you wake up. It has nine options there. Early Riser, First Light, and Helios are the name of few.
    • Tap on the Next and then Tap on save.

    Your Bedtime Wake Up alarm has been set now. Now leave everything on your phone. It will remind you to go sleep and wake up at the perfect time in order to keep you healthy and fit.


  • How to Enable and Disable Picture-in-Picture in macOS Sierra

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    In the WWDC the Apple has announced some serious announcements related to their macOS. Also, they have introduced a new OS i.e. macOS Sierra. Currently, the beta version is up there for users and most of the people who are using this new OS are loving it. It has some interesting features, and one of my absolute favorites is its Picture-in-Picture feature.

    This feature allows the user to play any video from the web while using other apps. It means now you can watch an online video while writing a letter or preparing a presentation chart. You will start loving this feature once you start using it. Enabling Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is not a big task. You can do that by just performing 1-2 mouse clicks.

    The PiP is a fantastic feature, and anyone with macOS Sierra can use that feature. If you have macOS Sierra installed on your Mac and wants to use this great feature then, you should follow this guide.

    Enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) on macOS Sierra

    • To active PiP, you need to have a MacBook with macOS Sierra installed in it.
    • You need to have access to some website/network like Vimeo, who has PiP features. If a site doesn’t have the PiP, then you can not use that.

    Once you make sure you have all the stuff mentioned above, then it is the time to give a try to PiP feature.

    • Open Safari browser and head to a website which supports PiP. Here I am using Vimeo for the demo.
    • Now play any of your favorite video there.
    • Now in the video control bar, you can see an additional button for PiP. Just click on it.
    • As soon as you click on the PiP, a small window will show in the corner of your screen with a video playing on it.
    • Now you have accessed the PiP feature; you can now do anything on your Macbook and that video will be there playing for you.
    • In case you want to close that PiP, just click again on that PiP button and the screen will be removed.

    Now you know how to enable and disable Picture-in-Picture on macOS Sierra. Now you can mess around the feature to get the max out of it. Please remember that the PiP is only supported those site which supports PiP. Some big player like Facebook and YouTube doesn’t support PiP but Vimeo does.