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  • How to Delete and Disable Autofill in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

    Deisbale and delete Autofill in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

    We all use browsers on our computer, and it helps us to get connected with the world. Every browser has some unique features that help me and you to get smooth with our online work. One of the most important features for the modern browser is its option to remember your details and help you when you are filling any online form. This called Autofill, and it helps users to remember their Email, Address, ZIP Code, State, Phone number, Credit card details and a lot more.

    Deisbale and delete Autofill in Google Chrome and Mozilla FirefoxThis is like a helping hand which saves your time by filling form automatically for you. But this helping hand also comes with some risk. The risks of leaking your sensible information with others. To explain it let take and example: imagine you are having all the details saved on your personal computer, and someone else now got access to your PC. Now he/she can check all your information quickly and can harm you. It is a good idea to delete or disable Autofill option on your browser if you are too practical about your personal information.

    In today’s age, Chrome and Mozilla are the browsers with most of the users. I’m sure you too have either, or both of them installed on your computer. So, today here at The Techy Jeremy I will show you how you can delete and disable Autofill feature on both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

    First, we will see how to do with Google Chrome then we will come to the Mozilla Firefox.

    How to Disable and Delete Autofill in Google Chrome Browser

    • First of all, open Google Crome and click on the main menu (that three horizontal lines at the top right side of the browser) and the click on “Settings”.
    • Scroll down and click on the “Show Advance Setting.” Now scroll down and again until you find and option called “Passwords and Forms.”
    • Now uncheck the Enable Autofill option under the Passwords and Forms heading. This will disable the Autofill option in your Google Chrome browser.
    • If you want to delete the autofill data, then click on “Manage Autofilling Settings.”

    Disable Autofill in Google Chrome

    • Here you can see all the data saved in your Autofill setting. If you want to remove then click on the small “X” button beside every data and all your data will be deleted.

    How to Disable Autofill in Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla is the second most used browser after Google Chrome. Mozilla doesn’t support the option to delete Autofill, but it has the option to disable it. I will show you how you can do that.

    • Open Mozilla Fir5efox on your computer and navigate to Main Menu by clicking on the three horizontal line at the top right corner.
    • Now click on “Options” then “Privacy”.
    • Here under the History heading you can see a drop down menu. Select “Use Custom Setting for History” from the drop-down menu.
    • A new menu will appear. Here uncheck the option which says “Remember search and form history”.

    Disable Autofill in Mozilla Firefox

    • You are now disabled autofill in your Mozilla Firefox browser.

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  • My Android Browser Sucks! I need to replace

    Post Image

    Best browser for AndroidI am an Android user, and I love to use it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am uncomfortable with iOS. Yes, that is true. I don’t find comfortable with iOS. If you are following my blog for a while, then you may know that I have an article where I have mentioned about how you can set the bedtime alarm on iOS 10. I do have an iPhone but I use that occasionally, and my Android device is my daily driver.

    I am a student and a blogger too. I mostly spend my time browsing the internet. As a student I barely get time to use my PC, so my phone is everything for me. While using the browser on Android, it sometimes gets stuck at some point and crashes. This is not only me but also thousands other are facing this problem. This is not about your phone this is the problem with the browser.

    It took me some time to figure out what browser I should use to avoid such problems. I have tested some so-called best browser to some newly launched apps. Only a few of them were able to deliver what I need. I am writing this article to list only those browsers which are installed on my phone, and I use them regularly.

    Opera Browser

    I have tested a bunch of browsers, but I must say no other browser can compete with Opera regarding speed. Its smart technology helps you to save your mobile data by optimizing the web page. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. No need to have any extra knowledge or anything like that. This browser meant to provide speed in low data, so, sometimes it doesn’t work well with Java sites.

    Dolphin Browser

    I love this name. I don’t know how they came up with this name, but I love this. It is not just about the name but the rich features and experience also. It is fast and secure with some handy features like gesture control, add-ons, interactive design, theme supports and lot other. The only problem with this app is its size. It is big in size, and downloading useless theme and wallpaper may lead to storage issue.

    Google Chrome Beta

    I am not talking about the Google Chrome Android browser. I am talking about its Beta version. Google Chrome has a beta app for Android device which is low in specs. Google knows Android better than anyone else in the universe. The main Chrome app is heavy and meant to give the best browsing, but that sucks when it comes to user experience and speed. At that point, the Chrome Beta apps come handy.

    I hope this article helps you. Now I expect a social share from you.