clash-of-clansClash Of Clans is one of the most downloaded games both in App store and Google play store. This game is an addictive one where you need to build your own village and compete with other villages. This game deserves an award for its interactive graphics and sound. As it is one of the favorite games, the chances are people invested some time playing and creating new villages. You may also be one of those who has spent some real time to build new villages. Now if and iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad and now moving to an Android device then you might be worried about your villages right? But worry no more. In this article, I have a wonderful article where I will show you how you can move your Clash of Clans data from iOS device to and Android device.

This article is going to be a blast and believe me you will be full of joy after seeing how easy it was.

How to Move Clash of Clans Village from iOS to Android

This method is easy as ABC. Just follow the below-mentioned path and you will be with your full data on your Android.

  • Install Clash of Clans on your Android from Google Pay Store
  • Now go to your iOS and open the Clash of Clans app.
  • Then head to the Setting of the app by clicking the top right corner setting icon.
  • Now in the setting menu, you can see an option called “Link a Device.” Select that.
  • Next, select “this the OLD device” and you want to add another device. This will generate a 12 digit code. Store that code in a safe place.
  • Head to your Android and open the clash of clans game.
  • In the top left corner, you can see a G+ Icon under “Already have the Village.
  • Tap on that G+ icon.
  • It will now ask you for the 12 digit. H0ere enter the 12-digit code you have stored earlier.

BOOM! You have your Android phone with all of your Clash of Clans village and game data.

I hope this has helped you. You are free to show your love by sharing this article.